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Stolen stolen survey

01. Last Cigarette: Never.
02. Last Kiss: Last night.
03. Last Cry: Two days ago.
04. Last Library Book Checked Out: Some Ancient Egyptian book
05. Last Movie Seen In a Theatre: The Interpreter...which was good.
06. Last Book Read: The egyptian book
07. Last Cuss Word Uttered: "fuck"
08. Last Beverage Drank: Cherry pepsi
09. Last Food Consumed: Honey Bunches of Oats cereal
11. Last TV Show Watched: umm...a documentary on druggies
13. Last Shoes Worn: Black heels with a leather strap around the ankle.
14. Last CD Played: Muse

15. Last Soda Drank: Cherry pepsi
16. Last Thing Written: "he romanticized it too much in his mind."
17. Last Words Spoken: "don't worry about it, I'll take care of it."
18. Last Sleep: Hmm...2 am lastnight
21. Last Ice Cream Eaten: Mint and chip :D
22. Last Time Wanting to Die: A few days ago.
24. Last Time Dancing: A few seconds ago xD
26. Last Big Car Ride: Last weekend when I went to Big Bear
27. Last Crush: Uhh...well, the crush turned into a boyfriend ^_~
28. Last Annoyance: This one strand of hair that was just way out of place.
39. Last Disappointment: Seeing my mom cry. The most awful thing ever.
30. Last Time Scolded: Hmmm...haven't been for a long time.
32. Last Web Site Visited:

01. piercings = Only 2 so far
02. tattoos = 0
03. height = around 5'6"
04. shoe size = 7 and a half
05. hair color = blonde
06. siblings = 2 older sisters

01. movie you rented = Taking Lives
02. movie you bought = Garden State
03. person you've called= Branden
04. person that's called you= Brittany
06. person you were thinking of = My dad
07. friend you made = Rachel and Sasia.

01. you have a crush on someone = Nope.
02. you wish you could live somewhere else = Nope...maybe sometimes.
03. you think about suicide. = Ehhh! Now and then.
05. others find you attractive = er yeah
06. you want more piercings/which do you have? = I want my belly button and tongue. I have my ears.
07. you drink = Rarely.
08. you do illegal drugs = Never
09. you smoke = Never.
10. you like cleaning = Sometimes.
11. you like roller coasters = Hell yes.
12. you write in cursive or print= Print.

+ long distance relationships: Depends on the person. If they're committed, for.
+ suicide = against, unless you're dying.
+ killing people = against
+ driving drunk = against
+ soap operas = AGAINST

+ thing to do = go to the beach
+ thing to talk about = Random, thought provoking shit.
+ sports = Tennis, running stuffs
+ drinks = Pepsi, cranberry juice
+ clothes = Skirts and tank top-ish shirts
+ movies = Too many. Finding Neverland, Garden State, I like all kinds. Horror is pretty good.
+ holiday = Any one where I get money or presents. Halloween too cuz I can dress like a total slut and have an excuse for

+ ever cried over a girl/guy = Hmm!...Well, I haven't had one dump me, so not in that sense.
+ ever lied to somebody = Uh, yeah, everyone has.
+ ever been in a fist fight = eh..not really.
+ ever been arrested = Nope.

+ shampoo do you use = Tresemme
+ shoes do you wear = High heels or other random shoes.
+ are you scared of = Damn this question always gets me! I dad dying, or drowning in the ocean. Oh, and gorillas freak me out too xD lol

.. of times you have been in love? = Once.
.. of times you have had your heart broken = Never.
.. of girls you have kissed? = A few
.. of boys you have kissed? = Hell if I know.
.. of drugs taken illegally? = None.
.. of people you would classify as true, could trust with your life type friends? = At least 3.
.. of people you consider your enemies? = ehh.. no one, honestly.
.. of times your name has appeared in the newspaper? = Well..local stuff kind of a lot.
.. of scars on your body? = I was very clumsy when I was younger. Let's just leave it at that.
.. of things in your past that you regret? = Not a lot.
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