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So, I tested positive for tuberculosis. That wasn't a very big surprise to me, because there's always gotta be something fucked up with my body. Of course, I had told my parents earlier - "Hey, that TB test is makin me feel funny about all this. I think I might have it." And they just totally disregarded it. Then, I come out of the doctor's office, and my mom's like "how did it go?" and I said "Well what do ya know, I. FUCKING. HAVE. TB!!!" and I swear, it looked like her eyes almost popped out of her head and she started crying. And crying. Oh, and crying some more. So, I felt pretty bad about that, so I hugged her and said "don't worry, I feel fine!" so she pauses a minute, looks at me, and starts sobbing again. Jesus! When will it all end!?
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