Nicole (faerienicoleooo) wrote,

Can't believe this still exists. I just suddenly remembered my login and password and read all my entries. Don't know what to say... floored. I am married now. I have moved across the country. I have traveled. I've experienced things that the girl that last posted here would never think of. I see those posts where I was so lonely and scared and want to reach out back in time to tell that girl it will be OK. You will find the man that loves you, all of you, and you will learn to love yourself as well. The people in your life that hurt you so much... well, you finally found the strength to say no, and walk away. You miss some people you lost touch with, and have gained caring, loving people as well. Life is still a struggle, and there are those amazing times and horrible times, but it's all worth it in the end. Here's to wonderful years to come.

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